Jack Light feat. 2J – Numbers (Remix)


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Instrumental taken from Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards

Jack Light:


I’m fucking on it, pentatonix, acapella on my God shit
You’re a novice, man I’ve got it, never lost it, I’m just plodding along
Until they’re singing my songs, until I’m feeling like gold
by the time that old date and shit, make me bitch,
it is such a small world so I am searching it
grateful for what I have, til im cremated into ash
I want my current currency to be in property not cash
Don’t take me for a dickhead, hitting clubs where they just play commercial dubs
it’s kind of fucked but we still party and get drunk
I’ve had enough, I’m so done, it’s because hip-hops in my blood
Cos I’m the bomb, I’m blowing up, technology I’m blowing up
Ive had enough of apple and the shit that they are throwing up
I’m in my own class, Jack Light is such an arse
What’s the reason for achieving when it’s not gonna last
Someday were gonna realise it was all for a laugh
Until then I’ma give it my heart
But my heart is in the soul of hip-hop buried underneath cement
I do all of this shit myself I don’t even need a management
All in my own time, my mind, is so pysco, psy though
Gentleman, I’m searching the high road
Shifty, Tailor made made is iffy,
Id rock some kraezy, moon gang and then hit the citty
Whilst listening to Swifty, Swiftey, big fan
I knew you were trouble but most of these rappers kiss ass
You’re meant be a rapper, not a model, closet faggot
The industry you cant hack it, attacking, all of wackest
Shittest, spitters, gary glitters, the villians, I gotta kill them
My minions, are fucking skillers, these rappers need baby sitters
Yeah, feeling fresh with my hair cut, fair enough
It’s not about the image, you won’t dare to touch
I’ma leave you hanging, when I’m rapping I do snippets
F the digits and the gimmicks but
As I said hanging, when I’m rapping I just do the snippets
F the digits and the gimmicks you motherfuckers are bitches

Look at me listen to me I’m on a track with Jack Light
all these people that are not liking me need to act right
saying I dunno what I’m doing well get your facts right
making the connection is everything ask Jack, aight
I used to work with So Solid i’m now on Youtube
trying everything to make money is that the new you?
yep it’s the new me, once in a blue moon
I will brag like what I’m doing now what would you do?
den kserw kan ti kanw auti ti stigmi
as long as I got all the people im lovin with me
Ellinika kai Agglika mesa sti limni
stir it about and what you gettin is something shifty
2J malaka stamata na kaneis rap man / no
I want you to realise that I’m a mad man / woah
fuck what I’m saying just clap to the track man / slow
it down ressurect like i was Aslan
come be my Robin little bitch and call me Batman
I’m chatting crap I’m trying to be amusing
don’t confuse the genius’ism with the confusing
abusing the beat like i was Chris Brown, bruising
oops, was that a mega reference to Rihanna
I don’t really care cause I think the singer is a poutana
now I’m going completely off the subject so now I’m gonna
bring it ba ba back and Im’a spit again like I’m a lama
I swear my rapping never has a subject
I’m suprised that I haven’t given up yet
I know you’re feeling us though and you feel the vibe
so turn the track off and subscribe..

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